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Unique Technology

reverse rank tracking technology

Reverse Rank Checker is using revolutionary Reverse Rank Tracking Technology that will allow you to uncover ALL the previously unknown keywords that your website has been secretly ranking for.

This means that you are no longer required to provide your own keywords to feed into the website rank checker tool. Neither you need to guess what keywords your site is ranking for.

Our unique ranking software will not only reveal all the keywords that your site is ranking for but it will also accurately monitor search engine rankings of your keywords.

Competitive Edge

competitive edge

Reverse Rank Checker is NOT JUST a keyword position tracker like majority of the tools on the market. Our software is also an intelligence gathering machine that will allow you to make strategic and more educated decisions. Here are the two major competitive advantages you’ll gain while using our rank tracking software:

Greater Visibility: You’ll be able to identify pages on your website that can be easily ranking for keywords which you have never known about. This will allow you to capitalize on those keywords and get on 1st page of Google rather quickly.

Competitors Spying: You’ll be able to constantly spy after your competitors’ website rankings. This will allow you to identify what keywords they are weak at and capitalize on those keywords thereby silently outranking them.

Impeccable Accuracy

impeccable accuracy

Reverse Rank Checker delivers almost 100% accuracy when it comes to keyword position tracking in SERPs of major search engines. Of course, no tool on the market can deliver 100% accurate results but we can guarantee 99.9% accuracy rate in most of the times.

You can rest assured all your website’s keyword rankings in Google and Bing are accurately tracked and monitored by our revolutionary software. Stop wasting your time on other inaccurate tools that are unfortunately saturating current SEO software market.

Intuitive Interface

intuitive interface

Reverse Rank Checker is one of only few leading website rank tracking tools on the market that provides users with an intuitive and user-friendly interface. We know how frustrating it is to look at the data and not to be able to understand what that data means.

Unfortunately, this is a very common issue among all software and not specifically attributed to rank checking tools. Majority of the tools are made by technical people with little or no UX/UI in mind. UX and UI stands for User Experience and User Interface.

These are equally important elements of a well-engineered website rank tracking software as its actual performance. Without intuitive interface and clear data visualization, such tools literally worthless because users are unable to understand provided data.

Flexible Pricing

flefible pricing

Reverse Rank Checker will outperform majority of the competing tools on the market, yet it offers an amazingly flexible plans that will match any user’s budget.

With our scalable software you can start tracking keyword rankings of your site for as little as $7 a month! Regardless of type or size of your company, we can offer you a suitable plan that will fit your individual needs.

You no longer need to pay for something that you will never fully use. With us you’ll be able to pay only for your usage and upgrade/downgrade at any time.

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