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Oleg Donets

5 Best Link Building Outreach Companies that Will Boost Your Brand Visibility

by Oleg Donets / April 24th

Are you desperately in need of new, quality backlinks but you’re all out of time for running a full-scale outreach/link building campaign? Or perhaps you’re just not sure how to do it properly or are tired of being ignored?

Don’t worry, you don’t actually need to do all the hard work on your own. There actually exist tons of services and companies that will run an outreach campaign for you! Some have monthly subscription plans and some require payments only once the link has been established.

Anyhow, regardless of the payment option, they can all make your life a whole lot easier. So, today, I have prepared a little list with some of the most useful link building outreach services along with some of their pros and cons since nothing is perfect.

#1 OutreachMama

outreachmama logo

The range of services provided by OutreachMama isn’t limited to just one thing. Instead, they offer absolutely anything related to blogger outreach and link building with the goal of increasing your rankings, growing your audience, revenue, and building your brand awareness.

Starting with blogger outreach, the guys at Mama will reach out to high-quality blogs within your industry and handle the entire outreach process completely without your involvement.

Next, they create all of the content for you so all you really have to do is sit back and reap the benefits of this amazing service.

They will also help you build and maintain relationships with high-profile publishers much quicker than you would be able to do it on your own (it can take years!). The process is completely white-label, the format is completely up to you and the people you’ll be contacting will never know you used a mediator service for this.

Pros: Whichever service you need, you can be sure that OutreachMama provides it. And does so professionally with the end goal in mind (which is helping you grow your own site), while some other services can only care about your cash.

Cons: Doesn’t have an internal dashboard. All the reporting is being done through a spreadsheet.

#2 HARO (Help A Reporter Out)

haro logo

HARO is amazing and works in a very unique way, much different from all other outreach services.

So, what exactly does it do? It is a platform for both journalists and niche specialists. When a writer needs a source for their article, they put their query into HARO, and if you’re an expert in the same niche, you will receive an email with that query.

Three emails a day, actually, with multiple queries. If you answer to that query (or a question) with good, usable information, you will get cited in that journalist’s article, and get a backlink to your homepage.

Sounds awesome, right? Yes, and it is, for both parties.

As for the pricing, HARO has a free plan and a few premium ones, ranging up to $149/month. You don’t have to pay if you only plan on answering random queries every once in a while, but if you want to use this service for more than that it could be a worthwhile investment.

Pros: the tool makes it really easy to get high-DR links from just answering questions and waiting.

Cons: But, if you plan to base your strategy on using this, you will need to devote a lot of time to simply reading all of the queries, replying quickly so that nobody else even has the time to react (first to answer is usually the first one to get featured).

Also, keep in mind that the link back to your site will almost always lead to your homepage, which can be a little bit of a problem if you’re looking to promote certain pages or content.

#3 LinkGraph

linkgraph logo

LinkGraph also isn’t limited to only performing outreach tasks. In fact, the first of their services that you should probably consider is technical SEO.

With dozens of professionals on their team, LinkGraph will take a look at your site and provide you with a detailed audit, revealing which of your SEO strategies are working and which areas of your site need some optimization to improve online brand visibility.

Next, there is the location optimization option. So, if your target audience is localized in, say, a certain town, the team’s efforts will be directed to maximize your brand visibility in that town.

Their link building package starts at giving your content some minor tweaks to ensure that it’s the most attractive for your prospects.

Pros: LinkGraph can land you backlinks from sites with a DR ranging from 20 all the way up to 90. So, it’s very much possible to get links from sites like Forbes.

Cons: However, if you don’t already have decent content that’s ready to be pitched to publishers, there isn’t much LinkGraph can do for you. They can edit existing posts, but they won’t write a new one for you.



If you’re looking for a service that’ll do everything related to guest posting for you, take a look at HOTH Guest Post.

Firstly, they will look for link building opportunities and pick out the best options for you. Next, they will craft a unique article and pitch it to a publisher.

Pros: HOTH has been online for quite a while, and it’s one of the biggest providers of such a service and has been around for quite a while, gaining respect and popularity.

With thousands of thousands of clients, it has earned the title of a respectable guest posting service.

Cons: But you should remember that by purchasing their service, you can get both lucky and unlucky, either scoring a real link from a high-DR website or simply get a post on a private blogging network with the entirety of its traffic coming from direct links.

Also, because the entirety of the content crafting and outreach process is out of your hands, the quality of said content can be hit or miss at times.

So, you definitely should take this into consideration before committing to HOTH.

#5 Fiverr

fiverr logo

Yep, you read it right. And even though I don’t outright recommend using Fiverr for the purpose of link building, guest blogging, or outreach, I still want to mention it on this list.

Of course, you’re not going to get good results from a guy that charges five bucks for an article, this much is obvious.

But, if you actually take your time to find someone who’s offering genuine services (usually it’s the people who charge $120+), you can find some diamonds in the dust.

You also need to actually talk to the person and make sure they actually know what they’re doing and not outright trying to scam you.

Pros: The great thing about Fiverr is that you can find people that will do virtually anything for you.

Cons: The not-so-great thing about Fiverr is that most of those people have zero qualifications and skills to do those things. So, you need to be very picky in terms of who you hire. Additionally, the quality of content they produce or the DR of the resource with your backlink in it may vary.

However, if you find yourself with a somewhat empty wallet, Fiverr can be that last resort for you. Just make sure you know who you’re hiring and they know what they’re doing.

In Conclusion

These were my picks for the best outreach and guest blogging services to boost your brand visibility. And even though the last two services can be hit or miss, you can’t deny that they are able to provide real value for your business.

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