Pixel Studio Productions
Project Overview
Custom Website Redesign

Pixel Studio Productions is a leading photography & videography studio in Houston, TX. The company had a quite outdated, not engaging and not authentic website design. Client wanted to have a contemporary, clean, user-friendly and engaging website design that will help the company convert more visitors into bookings as well as project company’s brand identity in the best possible way.

  • Website: pixelstudioproductions.com
  • Industry: Photography, Wedding
  • Business Type: Photography & Videography studio
  • Provided Service: Photography Website Design
  • before
  • after
The Challenge
01 /Outdated Design
02 /Limited Usability
03 /Poor Mobile Experience
04 /Poor Content Architecture
05 /Not Conversion Optimized
06 /Problematic Back-end Platform
01 / Outdated Design

Pixel Studio Productions had an outdated website design that made the company look unprofessional. It's a proven fact that online visitors judge a business by its online appearance, which influences their decision whether they will do business with a company or not.

02 / Limited Usability

The old website had really limited usability for their online visitors. Potential customers were not even able to normally browse company's portfolio.

03 / Poor Mobile Experience

Company's website was absolutely not optimized for mobile devices even though the website received over 50% of its visitors from mobile.

04 / Poor Content Architecture

The structure of the website's content was not thought-through, which caused a lot of visitors to leave the site without finding what they were looking for.

05 / Not Conversion Optimized

The website wasn't optimized to convert online visitors into customers. A lot of essential conversion rate optimization elements were missed thereby causing substantial loss of business.

06 / Problematic Back-end Platform

The old website was using a generic template that has been created by amateur web designer. Not optimized design was causing great dissatisfaction for visitors due to slow loading of the website.

The Solution
01 /Holistic Approach
01 / Holistic Approach

To resolve all those existing issues, this custom website redesign project was assigned to our three key teams here at ODMsoft:

1) Digital marketing strategy team.
2) Website design team.
3) Front and back-end development team.

With the help of these professionals, we were able to deliver this full makeover project in record time and with an amazing outcome.

ODMsoft's web design team starts each project with a thorough approach by creating a thought-through prototype of every page on client's website. This way you'll have an idea how your future website's structure will look like.
Design Elements
ODMsoft's web design team comes up with matching colors, fonts and other important visual elements that will match your overall branding.
  • #658dde
  • #f8f9fa
  • #555555
free font
Home Page Layout
Stunning Design
Beautiful design with all the essential conversion elements to make visitors to book a service.
Service Catalog
Clear and user-friendly catalog showcasing all the offered services.
Trust Factor
Showcasing company's awards and accolades to instantly build trust with visitors.
Offering appealing special to grab visitors' attention and open another entry point for collecting a lead.
Letting visitors to meet the team allows business to build additional rapport.
Competitive Edge
Nice way to state unique competitive advantages over competitors.
Social Proof
Additional way to build trust and credibility with visitors.
Call to Action
Bold call to action to make users contact the business.
Extra feature to engage with visitors by showing them latest news.
Contact Info
Clear and well-visible contact information and directions to reach the business.
Service Page Layout
Service Description
Short service description for visitors to see what this service is all about.
Beautiful Gallery
Engaging photo gallery to make visitors stay longer on client's site.
Additional Info
Provides visitors with additional information about frequently asked questions.
Clever Design of All the Essential Pages
Other Pages
At ODMsoft we know how important it's to have a thought-through design of your entire website. Therefore, we invest a lot of time and thought in designing unique specifications and functionalities of every page to provide your visitors the best possible experience.
Fully-Responsive Pages
Perfect Mobile Experience
Our talented website designers & developers know that fully-responsive website design is crucial for every business these days. All of ODMsoft's designs are fully-compatible with all the major browsers and fully-responsive on any device.
Our Website Design Portfolio
We're extremely passionate about authentic custom website design. It is one of our strongest sides here at ODMsoft agency. We invite you to browse our portfolio of award-winning designs and get inspired!
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