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Oleg Donets
4 Reasons Why You Must Invest in Ongoing SEO Services
by Oleg Donets / October 27th

Without the consistent ongoing SEO efforts, you have as much of a chance to get to the 1st page of major search engines as a row boat to get to the finish line ahead of a motor boat…

With that being said, companies that operate within industries and markets with low competition, still can achieve 1st page ranking in major search engines without ongoing SEO efforts.

However, such opportunities are extremely limited to highly unique products and/or services. Majority of the industries and markets are swamped with competitors.

You have to have an ongoing organic SEO strategy to compete for market share in search engines. Otherwise, your website will never see that flow of highly targeted, organic visitors and the incredible ROI that they can generate.

So here are 3 main reasons why you absolutely have to invest in ongoing SEO campaign if you want your website ever hit 1st page of major search engines:

ongoing seo service vs no ongoing seo service

#1 Perfect on-page SEO is not enough

As I wrote in one of my other blog posts, importance of proper on-page optimization of a website is critical for highly successful ongoing SEO campaign.

However, with overwhelming competition in virtually every sector, just having a perfect on-site SEO setup on your website will not help you outrank your competitors on 1st page who consistently invest in ongoing SEO efforts.

Let’s take an example.

Search for “Los Angeles injury attorney” keyword and see how many results Google will return.


4,650,000 results for “Los Angeles injury attorney” keyword is a stiff competition. Do you think just having your website properly optimized will help you rank on 1st page?

No way…

It just doesn’t work that way. To be eligible for 1st page ranking in competitive industries, major search engines require your website to demonstrate additional signals.

These signals are created by consistent Search Engine Optimization efforts, which cause your website’s ‘Organic Growth’ in rankings.

#2 Organic growth

organic SEO growth

At ODMsoft SEO agency, our main objective is to make sure your website populates for the most targeted keywords on the 1st page of major search engines among the first 10 positions and outranks those other 4,649,990 results.

Quite a challenging goal. Wouldn’t you agree?

It’s indeed challenging but not impossible. However, it does require patience. Some times, a lot of patience…

In fact, our agency isn’t willing to take on clients who are not willing to commit to at least 12 month of ongoing SEO campaign. We are very blunt about it.

We directly tell companies that if they are not ready to invest in SEO campaign for at least 12 month but rather try it out for few months or so, they will just waste they precious time and money.

It just doesn’t work that way…

In order for your website to get to the 1st page, it must meet multiple criteria. Based on that criteria search engines determine what results to return to users’ query.

Some of the most important ones are your site’s authority, link popularity and topical relevance. These metrics are acquired over time.

We call it ‘Organic Growth’. We can’t rush this growth or otherwise a website may be subject to a penalty. To get optimal results, a site needs to ‘grow’ mentioned above qualities organically over time.

#3 Ranking maintenance

With brutal competition in nearly every sector, you need to make sure that your website not only outranks millions of competing results by populating among the first 10 spots of the 1st page of major search engines, but also maintains its current positions over time.

It’s is common mistake to think that once your website made it to the 1st page, it will stay there forever. Don’t forget that your competitors constantly working on their sites as well as new competitors are coming in every single day.

You have to stay on top of everything on consistent basis. You can’t afford to get to the 1st page and then stop investing in SEO. This is a day-to-day battle to keep your positions on the 1st page and prevent your competitors from outranking you.

In fact, in ultra competitive industries, you’ll lose your positions in matter of weeks if you stop ongoing SEO efforts.

#4 Ranking for additional keywords

I’m pretty much sure that most likely you don’t just want to rank for a single or few keywords. Most of the business types have a potential to be found for multiple relevant terms.

In fact, there are hundreds and even thousands of relevant keywords that you would probably like your website to rank for. First we rank you for certain group of directly relevant to each other keyword terms (we call such groups ‘Keyword Themes’).

For example, here is a single theme of keywords:

  • homes for sale in Los Angeles
  • Los Angeles homes for sale
  • homes for sale in Los Angeles California
  • home for sale in Los Angeles CA

And there are literally tens and often hundreds of variation of keywords within a single keywords theme.

In other words, a Keyword Theme is a group of keywords (phrases that consist of two or more words) that consist of mainly same words but in differently arranged order and/or contain prepositions within them and/or in plural or singular form.

So let’s say we ranked your website for ‘homes for sale in Los Angeles‘ keyword theme. It means your website now ranks for many keywords that are included in that theme as shown above.

But what about ‘houses for sale in Los Angeles” keyword theme? This keyword theme will include the following keywords within it:

  • houses for sale in Los Angeles
  • Los Angeles houses for sale
  • houses for sale in Los Angeles California
  • house for sale in Los Angeles CA

And many more…

You’ll say: “Wait, but these keyword are from the previous keyword theme.” Well, no. They are very similar to it. But they contain different (synonymous) word ‘houses‘. Previous theme contained keywords with word ‘homes‘.

You see, the meaning of both themes is absolutely the same but word/s that are used in both themes are different. You may think that if your site is ranking for keywords from the 1st theme then it will also rank for keywords from the 2nd theme.

Well, some times it does but usually it requires deliberate effort to make your website rank for each keyword theme.

All this is possible but requires time and patience.

This is where an ongoing SEO service again comes into the picture. It’ll allow you (besides all those benefits that I already mentioned above) to expand your reach by getting found in search engines for many variations of highly relevant keywords.

As a long term strategy, this may be a game-changer for your company. And as I already mentioned multiple times, it can be achieved only through diligent, consistent and well-planned ongoing SEO campaign.

So if you think your company will benefit from getting targeted visitors from search engines and you’re willing to invest in it at least 12 months, I invite you to request a free quote from us.

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