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Search Engine Optimization is a major element of any effective digital marketing strategy. It has been proven that organic traffic from search engines is one of the highly-converting traffic sources on the web.
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Why You Cannot Afford Not to Invest in SEO of Your Website?
Cheapest Marketing Channel

Even though it doesn’t seem that way from the first glance, SEO is one of the cheapest marketing channels available these days. Many companies often cringe when they first discover the cost of SEO service. But, is it really that expensive? The answer is -NO, if you compare it to investment versus the return of other marketing channels. Based on our experience, on average, cost of SEO service is 5 to 10 times lower than of other traditional marketing channels such as radio, direct mail, TV, magazines, etc.

Highly-Targeted Consumers

SEO is one of the top sources for highly-motivated consumers. When done properly, through SEO you can attract a highly targeted prospects who’re actively searching for products or services that your company provides. In fact, with skillfully-executed search engine optimization campaign, you’ll be able to reach various segments of your target audience according to a stage of the sale cycle they’re at the moment. None of the other alternative marketing channels can offer similar precision level.

Longest-Lasting Visibility

Search engine optimization is one of the longest-lasting visibility opportunities available today. We’re all well-aware that in order for your company to get exposure through majority of today’s marketing outlets, you must pay for it. At the same time, we all know that the moment you stop paying, you’ll no longer get any visibility through those channels. Unlike anything else, an exposure that your company gets through search engines, might last for a long time even if you decide to stop the service.

Trust Factor

High search engine visibility greatly contributes to one’s credibility and helps with brand awareness. In fact, according to numerous studies, consumers subconsciously consider companies that appear in organic search results as trustworthy and reputable brands. Just having your company appear in organic search engine results automatically gains you an invaluable competitive edge over your competitors by positioning your business as an industry leader in your market.

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You can’t beat laser-focused, industry-specific SEO expertise. ODMsoft has built a highly efficient SEO departments each of which dedicated to a specific industry. We know all the specifics and technicalities of each industry that we serve. There is no challenge or obstacle that we haven’t faced over the years providing SEO services, which means you won’t need to waste your marketing dollars on trial and errors. This is why our firm is uniquely qualified to handle your search engine optimization campaign over other web marketing companies.


Data is a corner stone for any successful business. Throughout the years, ODMsoft has accumulated plenty of invaluable data in each industry that we serve which tremendously benefits our clients. Imagine being able to optimize your website for all the possible revenue-generating keywords without needing to waste tens of thousands of dollars on trial and error to try to figure out what works and what doesn’t. By partnering with ODMsoft your company will instantly gain an unfair advantage over your competitors due to our industry-specific insights.


Results is the name of the game! And we surely can prove our results through numerous case studies and clients’ testimonials! Over the years we’ve been fortunate to work with hundreds of companies from all over the US. Whether you’re a small local business or a large national franchise with hundreds of locations throughout the country, we are capable of successfully implement our proven search engine optimization strategies and get you outstanding results.


Over the years, we’ve mastered immense amount of processes and procedures that at the time were implemented manually. Luckily, we employ a talented team of web developers who helped us to fully automate our SEO procedures. In 2016 we released a custom-built, proprietary software to facilitate our SEO process. This has been a game changer for both, our clients and ourselves because now we can deliver better results in shorter period of time and for more affordable price.


Transparency is critical for search engine optimization campaigns. The results of SEO efforts don’t usually show up right away like through other marketing channels. Sometimes it may take a few months to see any noticeable results. Therefore, it has always been important for us to provide our customers with an ability to monitor their campaign’s progress at any given point to see even smallest improvements. ODMsoft provides you with 24/7 access to a proprietary dashboard where you can view how your SEO campaign is performing.


Every member of our search engine optimization team is properly trained and operates in-house. We don’t outsource our SEO services to freelancers. Our team members continuously improve their professional skills by attending industry leading conferences, training programs and seminars. When partnering with ODMsoft, you’ll have a top notch team of SEO experts on your side who will help you dominate search engines in your target market.


Customer care is very important to us. We strive to provide professional and personalized customer service to every client. Whether it’s a simple request or an emergency situation that requires immediate attention, our courteous customer service team is always ready to assist you. We constantly improve our customer communication to be able to deliver a competent, friendly and quick customer service.

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Our Process
Below you'll find our transparent 12-step process we follow from the moment you inquire about our SEO services:
01 /Initial Strategy Session

After you requested a quote from us, we’ll schedule your free 30-minute strategy session with one of our SEO experts. During the session, we’ll discuss your project and go over:

  • Your own and your competitors’ performance in search engines.
  • Your main objectives that you want to achieve through search engines.
  • Your existing obstacles that you might haven’t even known exist.
  • Your hidden low hanging fruits that you can pursue right away.

02 /Custom Ongoing SEO Solution
03 /Orientation & Onboarding
04 /Tracking Systems Setup
05 /Market & Competition Analysis
06 /On-page & Technical Audit
07 /Content Architecture Optimization
08 /Content Development Strategy
09 /Backlinks Acquisition Strategy
10 /Monthly Progress Reporting
Case Studies
We're extremely proud of being able to predictably drive incredible results for our customers! There is no better satisfaction than seeing their businesses double, triple and even quadruple! Check out our case studies demonstrating our successes.
Few More Reasons To Hire Us
Here are few more reasons why our customers stay with us for years, keep frequently coming back for additional services and recommend us to their family and friends.
  • % Of our customers stay with us for over 4 years
  • K Leads generating to our clients each month
  • % Average increase in website visitors a year
  • % Average annual revenue increase of our clients
Here Is What Our SEO Team Specialize In

Organic search engine results that’re located right below the Maps results section is an extremely important visibility channel that serves as an additional entry point for your target customers to showcase your products and services. Our organic SEO team makes sure your company is showing up in organic search engine results closer to the top of the page to get your business maximum exposure.


Whether you’re a brick-and-mortar business that sells products or services at your physical location or a service-area company that provides services at a client’s site, it’s imperative to be able to show up in Map results section, also known as a “Local 3-Pack”. We make sure your company is visible in the Google Maps results whenever your prospects are searching for products and services that your company offers. As you probably know, Google Maps results shows only three local businesses. It means there is an enormous competition among the local companies. Fortunately, here at ODMsoft, our local SEO team knows what prerequisites Google is looking for from the local businesses for them to qualify for being included in the map results. Here are some of the most important aspects each effective local SEO campaign must consist of:

  • Creation of business listings within the leading online research platforms such as major search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo), local directories (Yelp, Yellow Pages, CitySearch, etc.), Maps, and more.
  • Ongoing collection of customers’ feedback in form of online reviews published on the most important, industry-specific online platforms mentioned above.
  • Maintaining accuracy and consistency of all the business listings’ details throughout the online platforms mentioned above.
  • Inclusion of City, State, Neighborhood, Zip Code and other geographically-related data to your location/s within the Meta data as well as the body text throughout your website.
  • Inclusion of appropriate structured data to mark up your website’s pages in ways that can be understood by the major search engines.


On-page SEO is a foundation of your website’s high rankings in the same extent as a solid foundation is the key for a building’s stability. It’s critical to have a properly optimized content architecture of an entire website. During the early stages of the campaign setup, our team conducts a full On-page optimization of your website to prepare it for further ongoing SEO efforts.


99% of all websites on the web contain multiple technical SEO issues that directly affect their visibility in search engines. Without having all the technical leaks fixed, your website may suffer from remarkably lower rankings than it deserves! ODMsoft team ensures all the technical issues of your website are fixed in the early stages of the campaign allowing it to reach its highest potential.


When it comes to search engine visibility, the stakes are too high to take the risk of making a wrong decision that can potentially cause devastating outcomes. Whether you’re planing to make changes on your website or just need a professional advice to map out a successful search engine optimization strategy, feel free to hire our professional SEO consultants.


When it comes to backlinks acquisition, you need to understand that links are still the fundamental element of higher ranking in search engines, especially Google. A solid link building strategy consists of the outreach to industry-relevant web influencers, strategic content development and its subsequent marketing to get people talk about your business, which will attract powerful backlinks.


Without thorough keyword research it’s highly advised not even try to start an SEO campaign. It will miserably fail in most cases. Since we’ve been exclusively focusing on specific industries, over the years we’ve compiled an immense list of all the highly-profitable and well-performing keywords that we can instantly apply to your campaign that will blow your competitors away.


If your website has been penalized by algorithmic or manual action, we can help to get rid of the penalty. Our team will professionally analyze your website and create a clear plan of action to lift the penalty. Whether it’s a toxic backlink profile, technical issue or a content quality problem that caused the penalty, we can find its source and get it resolved.


Anylizing effectiveness of the search engine campaign is not that simple. Fortunately, at ODMsoft agency we’ve developed our own in-house proprietary tools that help us provide our customers not only with detailed and accurate ranking reports, but also reflect an estimated ROI generated by our SEO efforts.

Clients' Testimonials
We've been blessed working with amazing clients over the years! Check out what they say about their personal experiences with ODMsoft agency.
More testimonials
Dr. Olga Bachilo
Glamour Plastic Surgery and Med Spa

I am so happy with the marketing services provided for my company by ODMsoft. I had my company’s beautiful website designed and build by them and I have ongoing SEO. In just short 4 month of launching my websitethey were able to get me to the first page for fairly competitive key words in Houston. They help with my PPC and Facebook marketing campaigns as well and I have been receiving some excellent leads. The team at ODMsoft is extremely knowledgeable, professional and very responsive. I would strongly recommend ODMsoft for anyone looking for best marketing company to help with their online marketing including website, SEO, and social media.

Chris Lee
Winnie Couture

This company is doing SEO for my 5 locations,. I have been working with Oleg for more than a year now. The owner takes pride of his work and very attentive to all the questions. In the SEO environment, no one can guarantee results, but the performance of the keywords that they are doing are definitely improving by a lot. They know what they are doing! Highly recommend them.

Peter Robert
Expert Computer Solutions

ODMsoft agency did a great job with our website helping us get the search engine exposure we need for our highly competitive keywords. If you need your business to stand out, ODMsoft does a fantastic job getting you there!

Janice Jucker
Three Brothers Bakery

I have no clue how they do it, but ODMsoft has really helped us to gain organic traffic on the web. I am very happy with them and definitely recommend them. Very impressive results.

Roger Igo
The Bell Tower on 34th

Our situation was especially a Challenge. There were moments when I really thought it was going to be hopeless. But Oleg was steadfast and his confidence and belief in his abilities kept me hanging on. Eventually, what we were aiming for came to fruition and we have seen his efforts pay off. It was well worth the wait. Thank you!

Frequently Asked Questions
For your convenience, we've listed below some of the most frequent questions we're asked by business owners and marketing managers about our search engine optimization services.
How much does your SEO service cost?

There is no set cost for SEO services. It is impossible to provide a set price without knowing essential details of your particular type of business. When we prepare a custom SEO package, we consider many determining factors such as: geographical area you want to target, your market competition rate and many other key details. Therefore, to find out the price of an SEO package that fits your individual needs, we’d recommend you to request an obligation-free quote from us.

Do I have to sign a long-term contract to start working with your agency?

Short answer is – no. We don’t lock you into long-term contracts. We stand for our SEO services. Therefore, we know for a fact that if we follow our proven strategies, there is no reason why you won’t receive great results like many of our other clients. That being said, at the same time, we always make sure to set reasonable expectations before we begin providing our SEO services. We avoid working with companies that have unreasonable expectations. We only work with companies that understand that search engine optimization is a long-term investment like any other activity that requires diligent, consistent actions to achieve desirable results. We need you to commit to yourself and be ready to invest in your company’s SEO for at least one year. One year is an objective time-frame to evaluate achieved results and judge whether your investment worth it or not. If you’re not ready to commit to at least one year, please do not inquire about our SEO services. Feel free to engage other SEO companies, many of which will happily tell you what you want to hear instead of what you need to hear.

How will you measure the success of my SEO campaign?

We’re very serious about data and analytics. We believe in the expression “what gets measured gets done.” Before starting any SEO campaign, we first define the most important metrics in every given business – Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Once KPIs are defined, our team will integrate an advanced web analytics technology throughout your website, which will reflect the success of your search engine optimization campaign in a measurable, objective, and actionable form viewable in our monthly report as well as in 24/7 tracking system.

Do you serve businesses regardless where they are located?

Absolutely! Regardless, where your company is located in the US or outside the US, as long as you’re targeting English-speaking demographic, we can help you.

Service Area

Regardless, where your company is located in the US or outside the US, as long as you’re targeting English-speaking demographic, we can help you.

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