Web Design Services

99% of other web design firms will create you a good-looking, yet useless website.

We’ll not only design you a beautiful site but we’ll also insure it will serve its purpose – generate leads and sales!

Why Choose Us?

Our main competitive advantage over majority of other web design companies is that we not just design nice-looking sites. When you hire us for your website design needs, you are actually hiring team of 5 experts in different areas. Each expert is specializing in one of the five key elements of a successful website.

Here are these 5 key elements without which a website will never be able to utilize its full potential:

  • Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)
  • UX and UI
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Appealing Look
  • Clean Back-End Code

New website design or redesign of an existing site should never start without proper integration of the best and latest search engine optimization (SEO) practices. Web designers who double as SEO experts make it easy to get the most effective, engaging, and profitable website on launch day and minimize the need for redesigns down the road. Contact us today to learn how our SEO-based Web Design professionals can help.

100% Responsive Website Design

With more people accessing the web from various devices than ever before, ignoring this consumer group could be business suicide. Your website must display properly on any size screen if you want to maximize your ROI on every offer. The experts here at ODMsoft have the knowledge and experience to design a fully responsive site to engage visitors on their smartphones as easily as those using large desktop monitors.

SEO-Friendly Website Design

The majority of web design professionals focus on aesthetics and user-friendly structure but do not have sufficient knowledge about integrating SEO in the design itself. We look at thing differently. Every website ODMsoft works on passes through three teams of professionals: web design experts, search engine optimization experts, and a group dedicated to facilitating the highest conversion rates possible. Your finished site can launch with polished and attention-grabbing style, SEO opportunities galore, and have everything in place to turn site visitors into customers.

Optimized, Compliant & Clean Back-End Code

Ten years ago, the website design gurus gave site builders eight seconds to capture the attention of a site visitor. These days, that number has fallen to as close to zero as you can get. With so many websites online, consumers will click away to another if forced to wait at all. Our professionals at ODMsoft understand this and have the skills to prevent this from happening with your website. All back-end code is clean and compliant with the latest criteria so load times are at their absolute minimum.

Built With the End Users in Mind & Higher Conversion Rates

Proper SEO integration may get visitors to your website, and stunning style may keep them there for a while, but a website is not a piece of art to just stare at. Unfortunately, this is as far as many web designers go. A website is about marketing and encouraging visitors to take action on some offer such as making a purchase, signing up for a newsletter, or contacting for more information. While beautiful site pages contribute to this, ODMsoft understand that boosting conversion rates is about a lot more than the right color choices or elegant graphics. Our CRO department integrates their expertise with the design and SEO teams to deliver a website that both attracts and converts for your success.