Winnie Couture
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Winnie Couture is a high-end attire franchise with a modern mix of classic elegant and sophisticated couture. The company has been progressively developing a range of distinctive luxury attires consistent with the brand’s values and is internationally regarded as a prestigious leader in the bridal and couture fashion industry.

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Case Study Overview
The Challenge

When Winnie Couture contacted us to help them with their search visibility, the company was already working with some SEO agency. However, company’s website was far form having top rankings of majority of their target keywords, which is why they approached us in the first place. Our first step was to conduct an in-depth SEO audit on their website. Our analysis revealed that was very poorly and unprofessionally optimized for search engines, which was one of the main reasons that held their top rankings back.

The Objective

The objective of this project was to:

  • Create a proper content architecture for multi-location website.
  • Fully re-optimize all the content on the website according to proper on-page optimization techniques to make search engines understand the hierarchy of the content and its structure.
  • Fix all the existing technical issues caused by previous SEO company’s incompetence.
  • Launch ongoing backlinks acquisition campaign that would allow client’s website to increase its link popularity thereby gradually improving website’s organic and local rankings.

The Solution

To bring positive results for the client, we worked on the following points:

  • Fully re-did improperly-structured architecture of the website’s content.
  • Conducted a thorough keyword research and implemented a winning keyword targeting strategy.
  • Fully re-optimized meta data of the entire website.
  • Detected and fixed link equity leakages.
  • Conducted a full technical audit and fixed all the technical issues.
  • Launch ongoing backlinks acquisition campaign.

The Result
The campaign started on August 2015 and that point was ranking for about 25 keywords on the first 3 spots and 53 keywords on the 4-10 spots on the first page of Google. NOTE: majority of those keywords were company's own brand name which means the only people who could find company's website in search engines were those who knew the name of client's business. 2-3 months after ODMsoft's team took over the SEO campaign, the website climbed to the first page of Google for multiple targeted keywords. After 3 years of ongoing SEO efforts, is now ranking for about 144 keywords on the first 3 spots and 395 keywords on the 4-10 spots on the first page of Google. There're more than 6,000 more keywords on their way to the first page.
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