Social Media Marketing (SMM) is an effective internet marketing channel that allows companies to reach their targeted audience through social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, LinkedIn, etc.

Benefits of doing SMM:

  • Stronger brand recognition
  • Engagement of targeted audience
  • Direct communication with customers
  • Ability to reach large audience

Social Media Management:

The easiest way to see the management of social networks is to consider that it encompasses three main disciplines of social media: social listening, social analysis, and social engagement. Listening is when you collect everything about your brand. With social analytics, you can understand all social media conversations and associate them with potential business changes. Social engagement is the act of interaction, usually 1 to 1, but sometimes on a scale, with clients through social channels.

Social Media Advertising:

Social Media Advertising is a term for online advertising (paid efforts) that focuses on social networking sites. One of the main benefits of advertising on a social networking site (such as Facebook, Twitter) is that advertisers can take advantage of the demographics of users and align their ads accordingly.

Social Media Strategy:

Social networks need to consider the relationships that the company needs to develop, the type of relationships (number of people, type, who, context, relevance …) and communication processes. A social media strategy defines relationships, their value, and sets out a plan to use them to achieve a particular goal or set of goals.

Social Media Content Development:

Your presence on social media is as good as the content you advertise because sharing is one of the best indicators of engagement measurement. SMCD is the production or co-production of quality content and relevant and divisible social messages with the aim of capturing and convincing the current and potential audience of consumers and key stakeholders.

Social Media Content Marketing:

Social media content marketing is the art of using different types of content, such as Blogs, webinars, videos, websites and so on. Attract visitors to the site and eventually convert them into potential customers. Content marketing can attract visitors and engage them with interesting content in your business. This can be a bit complicated, but if done well, it can be very effective and have a lasting effect.

Social Media Brand Development:

Social Media Brand Development is a marketing feature that uses specific techniques to increase the brand personality of a business. In essence, it develops a strategic plan to maintain, if not increase, the brand value and brand awareness of your business in your target market. Some elements of brand development include product, services, appearance and overall customer experience.

Social Media Audit:

Social media review is an important part of the social media marketing process. A social media audit is a set of measures to evaluate and optimize the profiles and strategies of a company’s social networks. Conducting a social media audit can help e-commerce companies be aware of your online presence.

Social Media Monitoring:

Several vendors have developed tools to track various social media channels, from blogs to Internet videos to Internet forums. Social media monitoring is the process of identifying and determining statements about a brand, person or product across various social and online channels. Social media monitoring is the active monitoring of social media channels to obtain information about a company or organization.

Social Media Reporting & Analysis:

The main purpose of the social media report is to improve your day-to-day work by understanding how you can measure the impact of social networks. In this way, you can measure the effectiveness of your work as an administrator of a social network. This report shows the activity of a particular brand or company in different social networks. When analyzing social networks, data from social networking sites is collected and analyzed using social media analysis tools to make business decisions.